Envelop is a retail World of Warcraft community with a focus on PvE content. Whether you’re interested in leveling some characters, pushing some keys, farming some mounts, or raiding, we’ll have plenty for you to be enveloped in. Bring your friends or come make new ones – we’re always here for you!

Our mission is simple – We want to have fun playing the game we all love while providing a home for mature players. Nothing is more important to us than our mission and we take steps on a daily basis to make sure we’re always heading in the right direction.

If you’re just a visitor for now, join us on Discord or join us in game and get started on your next adventure!



We reside on Illidan – US



Nobody likes rules, but to keep order, please adhere to the following:

  1. Toxicity of any kind is not welcomed in this community.
  2. Treat everyone in this community with respect.
  3. Please avoid controversial real-world topics.
  4. Begging or Spamming is not tolerated.
  5. Advertising of any form is prohibited.

Remember, World of Warcraft is just a game and we’re here to enjoy it. Many of us are playing games as a form of escape and don’t want to hear about anything outside of Warcraft. While sometimes situations can get intense, we ask that you do your best to keep your cool and respect one another.